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These architectural luminaires offer the best value for creating a high-end lighting scheme for residential and commercial projects. They are IC rated and can be used throughout the project, including showers, outdoor and other wet locations.

Vulcan Series

Architectural Recessed Lighting

Phantom Series Recessed Downlights

Phantom M720

1.4'' Regressed Double Square Downlight

Phantom M722

1.4'' Aperture Fixed Pinhole Downlight

Phantom M723

Recessed Wall Washer

This family of small and powerful recessed lights is ideal for minimalist designs. The small 1⅜” aperture lens delivers a bright 1500 lumens of combines 5 field selectable colour temperature LED light engines with precise optics to deliver high quality illumination. The fixtures are IC and wet location rated, thus one luminaire type can be used throughout the entire project.

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