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Bring lighting to the forefront the most daring creativity.



Finished Site

From Sketch, To Rendering, To Reality

We have worked closely with architects and designers to respond with bespoke solutions to their specific needs, starting from a sketch all the way to on-site installation.

Bespoke Lighting Effects

The bespoke lighting effect comes about when the emphasis is seeing the light reflected from the surfaces. Light becomes an integral part of architectural design.  You may not see the lighting fixtures at all.  We will help you design the architectural details to accommodate the luminaire and use computer-generated lighting effects to ensure your vision will be fully realized.

Bespoke Luminaires 

Vyvyd Lighting specialises in the design and fabrication of both decorative and architectural lighting fixtures. Our designer will translate you design idea into mechanical and electrical drawings. We will help you select the material, finish, and light sources, then use computer-generated 3D models and photometric studies to show you renderings of how the product look like when installed. 

Catalog Product Customization

The service offers customization of our catalog products to the shape, size, finish and light output of your choice.

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