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These architectural luminaires offer the best value for creating a high-end lighting scheme for residential and commercial projects. They are IC rated and can be used throughout the project, including showers, outdoor and other wet locations.

Vulcan Series

Architectural Recessed Lighting

Linear Lights

LR1.5 Phecda R

1.5'' Linear Recessed Light

LR2 Phecda R

2'' Linear Recessed Light

LR2.5 Phecda R

2.5'' Linear Recessed Light

Phecda SD2 Acoustic

2.5'' Linear Suspension Direct

Phecda SD2

2'' Linear Suspension Direct

Phecda SD2.5

2.5'' Linear Suspension Direct

Phecda SD3.5

3.5'' Linear Suspension Direct

Phecda SDI2

2'' Linear Suspension Direct Indirect

We collaborate with architects and designers to create custom linear lighting solutions that meet their specific aesthetic and functional needs. We turn the design idea into mechanical and electrical drawings and help you choose the material, finish, and light sources. Then we use computer-generated 3D models and photometric studies to show you how the product will look like and the lighting effects when installed.

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