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These architectural luminaires offer the best value for creating a high-end lighting scheme for residential and commercial projects. They are IC rated and can be used throughout the project, including showers, outdoor and other wet locations.

Vulcan Series

Architectural Recessed Lighting

Mizar Series Recessed Downlights

Mizar R502

3" Fixed Recessed Downlight

Mizar 503

3" Fixed Recessed Downlight

Mizar R511

3" Fixed Square Hyperbolic Downlight

Mizar R902

3'' Fixed Hyperbolic Trim Downlight

Mizar R903

3" Fixed Pinhole Downlight

Mizar R905

3½" Fixed Low Glare Downlight

Mizar R908

 " Adjustable Low Glare Downlight

Mizar R909

3¾" Gimbal Recessed Downlight

Mizar R910

3¾" Adjustable Hyperbolic Downlight

Mizar R1001

4" Adjustable Recessed Downlight

Mizar RD9

3" Adjustable Deep Recessed Downlight

Mizar RS9

3" Adjustable Deep Recessed Asymmetrical Downlight

The Mizar series offers a compact and powerful M2 light engine fixture with an extensive options of of trim shapes, optics and fixture styles. The precisely designed 1¾” aperture TIR lens creates a uniform beam without any hot spots or spills. The engine grade aluminum pin fin heatsink has twice the thermal conductivity of the conventional die-cast heatsink and significantly extends the lifespan of the luminaire.

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