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These architectural luminaires offer the best value for creating a high-end lighting scheme for residential and commercial projects. They are IC rated and can be used throughout the project, including showers, outdoor and other wet locations.

Vulcan Series

Architectural Recessed Lighting

Merak Series Recessed Downlights

Merak R1002

Low Glare Fixed Downlight

Merak R1004

Fixed Wall Washer

Merak R1005

Fixed Eyeball Downlight

Merak Series is designed for lighting professionals who have a clear vision of the lighting effect they want to enhance the appeal of a space with precise beam shape control. The M3 light engine is the heart of the luminaire, delivering high performance, maximum efficacy and high-quality illumination. The series has a wide range of secondary and tertiary optics that shape the light beam from the LED into precise beam spots. The beam spots have a soft edge that blends smoothly with the background. It is ideal for highlighting objects of different sizes to create dramatic scenes.

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