Linear Lightig

Linear Lighting
Recessed Hyprebolic Downlight 

The combination M2 high power light engine, the stylish die-cast trim and the reliable driver makes this luminaire an ideal choice to meet all functional and aesthetic requirements of residential and commercial down lighting. Powder coated die-cast hyperbolic trim that provides a soft luminous glow around the rim when turned-on and blends unobtrusively into the ceiling when turned-off. 

linear light.png

Linear Lighting


Phecda SD / SDI

 Linear Suspension Direct / Direct & Indect


2" / 3" / 3.5” Direct Line


Phecda R

 Linear Recessed Light 


1.5" / 2.5" /3" Direct Line


LC2 Phecda C

 Curved Lighting Modules 

50x60mm I DC24V I Direct/Indirect